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[05 Nov 2008|09:10pm]
 I changed my layout :)  Go Autumn, you rock!
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[05 Nov 2008|09:03am]
 My parents and I stayed glue to the major networks for about 4 hours straight last night.  I had to go to the bathroom! I mean, I had popcorn, a lot of iced tea, I was dying!  So at 11:01 I said "fuck it, i have to go, nothing is going to happen, FL is still only at 40% reporting!" So I went.   

And when I came back, we had a new president elect.  Fuckin A I Missed it! 

But I didn't miss the last year and a half of volounteering, Yes I did.   Speaking on behalf of him and persuading my family.  Yes I did.   Wearing his pin proudly, yes I did.   ANd i didn't miss his and McCain's great speeches (Although McCain's crowd was something ridiculous)  

God Bless, America kids!

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Fellow Ozians....I LOVE IDINA MENZEL! [27 Jul 2008|12:03am]
First and foremost, it goes without saying that the show was an EXPERIENCE. It was beyond "really awesome" and "really good", it was-there are no words.
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Look to the western sky... [21 Jul 2008|11:21pm]
I need help from my Broadway buffs out there!! I have the opportunity to see Idina Menzel in concert about an hour from here on Friday!! For those unfamiliar she's part of the original cast of Rent and Wicked! I have her new CD and it is awesome, but for those GH goers she is very NLG-like in her concerts, they are more like personal appearances!! If you go to youtube, you can hear what its like as she tells these hilarious stories. I particularly recommend searching for "no green M&Ms, i said no fucking green M&Ms!" (during her story of how she had a fantasy of being famous) and re-telling her Wicked injury where she fell through the trapped door:

Doctor: How much did it cost? [her wicked costume that she arrived the ER in]
Idina: (Well, i had asked prior so I knew how much it cost) It's $20,000 who the fuck cares? Just rip this fucker off they're making a SHIT-LOAD of money!!

Anyway, for those who know who I'm talking about, and her "NLG-like" personality, should I travel alone on Friday for the concert?

Okay, here are the links because these are too funny not be shared:

"...and how I'm gonna be on VH1 behind the scenes, talking about my drug rehab days which I haven't even had yet. The next thing I know i'd be whisked off to MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. ANd I'd get there--I'd get to the dressing room and i'd be like "NO FUCKING GREEN M&MS I TOLD YOU NO FUCKING GREEN M&MS!! GET IT?? (Because thats what you do!)"

"They're like breathe, Idina, breathe! It's like we're doing FUCKING LAMAZE with the hot crew guys!.....so I get there--I get there and they won't let me have any guests you know--than my husband arrives, and all of a sudden the black nurse who wheeled me in from x-rays in the hallway LEAVES ME IN THE HALLWAY--when she sees TAYE DIGGS she doesn't know what to do with herself! and i'm like 'um lady, if you just help me i promise i will introduce you to my husband!...and than you know the young like ER doctor comes in and shes like "well how we gonna get this dress off" and im like "lady just rip this fucker off!"

and the best part of that story...."And now everything is cool i'm all high on morphine and now we're allowed to have 50 people there because TAYE is there...and than the doctor finally tells my husband okay these are the prescriptions she needs take her home ya know just go get her clothes and hes like "what clothes? she came in a witches costume" I swear and I had no clothes and i had to wear those surgeon pants! and i'm like high on morphine and theyre all the way up..and i have this big sweatshirt on and we walk outside and all the paparazzi's are outside taking pictures and im just like "hheeeyyy"
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[11 Jul 2008|09:07pm]
"....Because I knew you, i've been changed for good."

I know I haven't been on LJ in a really long time, but I just have to say that I have formed an unhealthy obsession with:

Cindy, why didn't I listen to you 4 years ago??? I could have seen Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth perform!!!
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